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What Do Paid Surveys Stand for?

Paid Surveys are polls taken by goods and services consumers who receive remuneration for their opinion. Since the problem of goods and services promotion by various companies is directly related to users’ feedback on them, some companies order marketing research holding to discover courses of development. For example, a company producing cheeses wishes to test a package new design and so it orders the research of cheese consumers. Polls holding via the Internet is an ideal variant assisting to reach this goal since such polls may be held in the shortest possible time, and any customer shall receive such poll’s results much faster than in case of inquiries holding in the street or questioning consumers by phone.

How Can Anyone Earn with the Help of Paid Surveys?

To take part in paid polls you shall sign up and complete the information in your personal account providing as much detail as possible. On the basis of the data from the panelist’s profile Cint AB shall select paid polls that may be suitable to you, and deliver letters of invitation to an e-mail specified in the course of signing up. When receiving a letter of invitation, you shall take the poll giving reliable answers to all the questions. For any totally completed poll you shall receive a remuneration to your personal account. Your personal account shall let you control such remunerations dates and amounts for all completed polls. 

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